Designer James Dieter launched his eponymous brand, a spinoff endeavor of his original lighting brand dform, in 2015 with a first showing of tetrahedron-inspired lighting. The collection is a response to James’s compulsion to manifest mechanically intricate challenges as visually striking, idiosyncratic forms. James Dieter designs feature hand-cast porcelain elements and textiles on sculpted chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. 

James Dieter lighting pieces originate as puzzles. Compelled from an early age toward the allure of technical paradoxes, the designer spent his childhood drawing, painting, and exploring his own curiosity in the workshops of his engineer father and inventor grandfather. Raised on the ethos of the outdoors, he also grew up rock climbing, and became obsessed with designing and creating climbing gear. Such projects marked an early foray into artistic engineering that contributed, in turn, to his degree in Industrial Design from RISD.

Bred from this same desire for material and mechanical exploration – and with inspiration sourced from fine art, fashion, toys, mechanics, and quotidian industrial parts and systems – James intuits formal re-combinations and pursues creative technical problem solving to illustrate his inventive aesthetic visions. Guided by an attraction to the irreconcilable nature of provocative objects, he is ultimately interested in lighting designs that are out of the ordinary, but are clean and formally unencumbered. 

James Dieter’s work is represented in residential, commercial and hospitality projects across the world. Each product is handmade to order with the utmost care and attention in Brooklyn, New York. The studio welcomes customization of all of the pieces in the collection. 

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